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Workplaces that genuinely care about the wellbeing of their employees know that the impacts of stress, burnout and mental illness are far reaching both on personal lives, relationships at work and productivity. There is strong evidence to show that good workplaces, are mentally healthy workplaces. Today, HSE, HR, People and Culture, and Inclusion and Diversity managers have sound mental health and wellbeing strategic plans front and centre.

Clever workplaces understand that investing in their employees’ mental health is as important as investing in their training and development, because good mental health underpins learning, focus, creativity, collaboration and productivity. Conversely, ignoring the elephant in the room will be rewarded with higher absenteeism, higher turnover, more workers compensation stress claims and presenteeism – people turning up when they should be on sick leave. The cost to business of this elephant is $10 billion per annum.

Whilst provisions for EAP are good, these services are underutilised and are not preventative. Significant barriers exist for employees to use these services.

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Awareness. We increase understanding among staff so that people act now instead of hiding and hoping no-one notices.

Training; We train and mentor leaders in how to establish a mentally healthy workplace culture and skillfully manage team members who experience mental health challenges such as anxiety, stress and occupational burnout. Mental Health First Aider training to equip the workforce to spot problems early and intervene.

Peer Support. One on one lived experience peer support is proven to be effective at establishing psychological safety and assisting individuals to take action and find a way forward. Psychosocial recovery works in conjunction with clinical treatment by exploring lifestyle change in order to find a way back to full health.

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Many trainers and facilitators have never experienced the crippling effects of mental health disorders or burnout, nor have they worked with clients who experience long term mental illness. Not only is this our experience, but we’ve worked at the coal face with people who no longer want to live, or are too unwell to be of any use in the workplace.

We know our stuff first-hand because we’ve been there, we recovered, and we have the runs on the board helping others recover. Not only that; we are passionate, knowledgeable, and expert communicators with genuine empathy and compassion. We also understand how business works and the challenges staff and leaders face.

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